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Sarasota News Leader May 31, 2013 Page 45 The final and most expensive option — from Moran will consult with the city's Purchasing Synergy — included "guaranteed replacement Department to determine how the bid process of parts at no additional charge," with a cost should be conducted. % of $55,000 per year. But before any maintenance contract can be put into effect, the system must be made fully operational again — at an expense ranging between $22,000 and $28,000. In other words, it will cost more to keep the lights running after the warranty expires than it cost to buy and install the lights initially. Synergy President Matt Gregg was in the DID audience Tuesday. "My advice would be to remove the color system while it still has some asset value. You could put in something static, non-growing, and replace it with white lights," he said. "But you'll still have to maintain the white lights." Gregg added that his annual maintenance contract offer with "guarantees" covered the total failure of the colored light system. "If Hurricane Zelda blew through and destroyed all the lights, I would have to replace them out of my own pocket. So I have to build my bid accordingly," he said. DID board member Dr. Mark Kauffman said he would prefer a contract with guarantees, but he wanted other bids as well. "We have a legal obligation to do this, so let's get the bids," he said. Kauffman's motion to that effect passed 3-1, with William Pettey and Eileen Hampshire joining him in the majority. Ritz was in the minority. Board member Tom Mannausa was absent. A light strand is unplugged in this Five Points Park oak. Photo courtesy of the Downtown Improvement District

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