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OPINION COUNTY COMMISSION PLAYS SANTA CLAUS TO RICH MICHIGAN SNOWBIRDS EDITORIAL Most of us have had the Sarasota County Commission gave a generexperience of a friend ous gift to the owners of a luxurious home on or relative who, because of procrastination or Siesta Key, only the givers actually were the lack of funds, could not offer a gift for a sig- taxpayers. But the taxpayers will not receive nificant occasion. And we, being helpful, so much as a thank-you note from the obviwould add the person's name to the card that ously pleased property owners for their gift accompanied our gift. Only later would we of free land. discover that the "addThe "gift" in question on" had represented was the abandonment himself as the princiAs pointed out by Commissioner by the county of a pal gift giver, and that Christine Robinson, the county's public right of way at we were the supple- comprehensive plan stipulates that "the the terminus of Calle mental givers … a County shall not vacate road segments on de Costa Rica, where most irritating devel- waterfronts along any creek, river, lake, it remained undevelopment. bay or gulf access point and shall encourage oped north of Avenida right-of-way use of these areas for coastal de Mayo on Siesta Key. That must be how the beach and bay access." The landowners to the taxpayers of Sarasota east — William and County now feel. The

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