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Sarasota News Leader May 31, 2013 OPINION Page 65 — with their very, very long list of American sota's high school ROTC corps trooped front uniformed personnel who died — saw all the and center in the parade, from squad leader to bodies recovered. company commander, the thought was clear: "I know where they're hiring." We are not creating cemeteries overseas anymore, because we dare not. The graves of our The U.S. Government has signed them up warriors are safe in Normandy, row by row. through the ages. Bloody sand in Fallujah and Kandahar marks the passing of American veterans in those If you walk the crosses and do the math in places. Their bodies came back to Dover, DE, Normandy, the Philippines or Italy, the dates of death minus the dates of birth equal teenand then went home. agers — the same cohort that trooped down Sarasota's Main Street. War is a young man's A 'SPORT' FOR THE YOUNG game. Is this a parade to show us those we For the high school or college graduates today, may never see again? the economy is a total mess. When nearly half of college graduates cannot get a job, even the With the end of the draft, the number of famirigor of the military looks attractive. As Sara- lies with a son or daughter serving in the mil- The next generation of military leaders stands at attention: Hotel Company, Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport, RI. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy

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