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Sarasota News Leader June 7, 2013 Commissioners also instructed County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh to leave out any enforcement provision. Former Sarasota City Commissioner Ken Shelin, who appeared before the board on June 5 to advocate for creation of a county registry, pointed out that the City of Sarasota Domestic Partnership Registry allows the city "some wiggle room" to pursue legal action in the event of "egregious serious noncompliance" with provisions of the ordinance that created the registry. Page 12 "The county really doesn't have [the necessary information] and really should not … get involved in trying to compare legal documents to affidavits" signed when partners register, he pointed out. Robinson also told DeMarsh to leave out any language in the drafts relative to dependents of domestic partners. Having worked as a family law attorney, she pointed out, she felt there was too much potential for problems if stipulations regarding dependents were included. However, DeMarsh cautioned the County Commission against allowing the county to DeMarsh indicated he would include in his become involved in enforcement matters. drafts "an expansive disclaimer that people A graphic presented to the County Commission included information about domestic partners from U.S. Census and Florida local government data. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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