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Sarasota News Leader June 7, 2013 Page 13 should not use this [registry] as a substitute "I really think the state should cover this, so for estate planning" and similar legal agree- when you travel throughout the state, your ments. rights are the same," he said. Of the five commissioners, only Chairwoman Carolyn Mason did not take the opportunity during the discussion to criticize state legislators for refusing to create a registry. Referring to the proposed county registry, Hines continued, "From what I'm hearing [from fellow board members], it would almost just have to be a 'paper tiger' …" Although Commissioner Charles Hines said he felt the board had no choice but to follow through with county action at this point, he added, "The state's ignored this issue. So what do you do? You create chaos across the state," with different jurisdictions implementing domestic partnership registries with conflicting provisions. "I think the State of Florida has done everybody an injustice by not addressing this issue," Robinson said. "I really, truly do. It's creating a bureaucratic mess for everybody." Image courtesy Sarasota County "We've been trying for five years" to get a state registry created, Shelin pointed out. He testified in March before the Children, Families

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