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Sarasota News Leader June 7, 2013 Page 28 structure facilitate the weekly Farmers Mar- ing club. The city kicked the gardeners out, thinking it would build affordable housing on ket? the spot. But the Great Recession intervened, "We don't want to talk about the architecture and the gardeners were never asked back. The yet," said Rebecca Smith, president of AD other part of the property lies across the alley, Morgan Construction. Her firm was selected facing Fifth Street; it is an odd-shaped lot used to design and build the project. "We're holding for parking. the reins back so each element is deliberative. That will maximize flexibility into the process Commissioners want to see the two properties developed to spark activity in the Roseas long as possible," she added. mary area. The ITN would allow private firms Pineapple Square developers also plan to to weigh what would be economically feasible build condominiums downtown. Therefore, on the property and then present their proposChapman asked, "How does this interface als to the city. with Pineapple Square's plans? We will be competing with the project that requires us "Folks would get 90 days to prepare their plans," said city Purchasing Manager Mary to build this." Tucker. "They'd send them to a selection Stancel replied, "I don't know." committee, and short-listed folks would get SURFACE LOT UNDER THE HAMMER to make a pitch [to the committee]." The finalist would appear before the City Commission Meanwhile, at the same City Commission to seek formal approval of a "purchase and meeting, the board agreed to push forward sales" contract. with an "Invitation to Negotiate" (ITN) over Allan Friedman, a representative of the Roseland in the Rosemary District that includes a mary District Association, said he supported surface parking lot. the plan, and he believed it would "serve as a Part of the property includes the old commu- catalyst and gateway to the district. It will add nity garden on Sixth Street by the former box- a great incentive for other development." % "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." — Benjamin Franklin The Sarasota News Leader No-Nonsense Reporting

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