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Publication days like June 6, when tropical storm force winds were gusting and the rain occasionally was coming down in sheets, make us all the happier we can put together The Sarasota News Leader without having to go anywhere. Of course, those gusting winds can wreak havoc with power lines, creating Internet connection problems, but as I write this, I am crossing my fingers to ward them away. Even though we have been working online since September, when we launched the full digital publication, we sometimes do have to pause and reflect on how amazing it is that we do not actually have to see each other to put the News Leader together every week. Of course, occasions arise when we realize it might be helpful to talk in person to weigh an idea or suggest changes in a layout, but it is hard to fault the ease of email — as long as the Internet service is working (fingers still crossed, making typing a tad difficult). While Tropical Storm Andrea was much on our minds as we finished up this week's issue, we did not give her any of the spotlight. Storms play havoc with any publication these days, because anyone can learn up-to-the-minute details by checking the Web. In fact, we are hoping Andrea is a thing of the past for Sarasotans as you read this. Instead of tropical storm news, you can learn about the latest on the county's plans to sell Transfer of Development Rights, the Warm Mineral Springs saga, the County Commission's plans regarding a domestic partnership registry and what city commissioners think about parking downtown. And that is just a sample! On the Sarasota Leisure side, Otus has some news you must not miss this week, and, once again, plenty is happening on Siesta Key. Editor and Publisher

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