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THE PAST AND FUTURE OF DESIGN The Sarasota School of Architecture building at 261 S. Orange Ave. in downtown Sarasota will become the home of the University of Florida's master's program in architecture. Photo by Norman Schimmel A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GRADUATE PROGRAM IN ARCHITECTURE HAS WON COUNTY COMMISSION APPROVAL TO MAKE ITS HOME IN A HISTORIC STRUCTURE IN DOWNTOWN SARASOTA By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor It is the last Sarasota County structure de- the Citylab-Sarasota University of Florida signed by nationally known architect William Master of Architecture Program. Rupp that has not been "altered beyond recLocated at 261 S. Orange Ave. in downtown ognition." Sarasota — a short distance from the County Thanks to a unaniAdministration Center mous Sarasota Counon Ringling Boulevard ty Commission vote — the structure made To bring the flagship university its debut in 1960 as a on June 5, the Sarasointo Sarasota County is amazing. … I furniture showroom, ta School of Architecnever would have thought to have seen Guy Peterson, an ture-style building will that in my lifetime here. be transformed from award-winning Sarasothe county's central ta architect, explained Christine Robinson Commissioner mail center and print to the County ComSarasota County shop to the home of mission on June 5.

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