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Sarasota News Leader June 21, 2013 Page 36 "It doesn't have to be perfect," Duany continued. "I'm intrigued by dashboard codes and pink overlay districts to lighten red tape. Young people want to start a business, but red tape smashes people. Creeping regulations. But pink codes: Where has that been done? Never; nowhere." On a more tangible subject, Duany called for a big-box store downtown by name. "If you can get a Target downtown, suddenly you can live downtown. I saw a sketch at lunch with a pedestrian bridge over Fruitville [Road] with a Target and a conference center on the other side. That would activate the two northern neighborhoods. All you have to do is not fight these developers," he said. It was Duany's plan for downtown Sarasota at the turn of this century that called for a new grocery story. It required a city subsidy to tempt Whole Foods to build here, but a decade later, nobody thinks it was a bad idea. % Andres Duany. Image courtesy University of Georgia Urban planner Andres Duany says downtown Sarasota needs a Target store. Photo by Jay Reed via Wikimedia Commons

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