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FOLLOWING HIGH POINT'S LEAD Main Street in High Point, NC, is damp from a recent shower. Photo by Lindy676 via Wikimedia Commons POLICE DETECTIVES ARE ROUNDING UP 'FIRST TIER' CRIMINALS AND WARNING THOSE IN THE 'SECOND TIER' TO SHAPE UP OR MEET THE SAME FATE By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Sarasota police are quietly beginning to utilize the "High Point strategy" to take violent offenders off the streets with the help of community residents. Several sources have confirmed the action, named after a North Carolina city that used it to cut crime significantly. offenders to prison, and local judges are setting high bails to keep them from returning to the streets. The strategy calls for the offenders to receive stiff sentences as an incentive to urge lower-tier criminals to go straight. We've been recruiting community City police officers partners since last year. are using parole violations, drug sales and other charges to move David Grant Detective Sarasota Police Department The anti-crime offensive began earlier this month. "They grabbed 20, and the bonds were amazing," said one source knowledgeable about jail activity. "Nobody made bond."

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