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QUESTIONS AND CONFUSION The County Commission listens to budget requests on June 21. Photo by Norman Schimmel AFTER WADING THROUGH ACCOUNTING CHANGES AND DEBATING SOME REQUESTS FOR FUNDING IN THE 2014 FISCAL YEAR, THE COUNTY COMMISSION AGREES TO A FEW NEW EXPENSES By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor The Sarasota County commissioners last week approved several new expenditures for their 2014 fiscal year — including the hiring of two extra employees to root out unlicensed contractors. morning and close to 3½ hours that afternoon listening to spending proposals from the county's constitutional officers — including Sheriff Tom Knight (see the related story in this issue) and Clerk of Court Karen Rushing — However, Commissioner Christine Robinson as well as those of county department chiefs, appeared to be speaking for the entire board Robinson told her colleagues she could not approve any of the reat one point when she quests that day. said, "Today's budget From what I see, [the reserve A major change in how [presentation] was, unfortunately for me, spending] went from seven figures to personnel are being confusing and some- eight figures today … reallocated to departwhat disorganized." ments prompted nuChristine Robinson Commissioner merous commission After spending almost Sarasota County questions as the afterthree hours in the

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