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Sarasota News Leader June 28, 2013 ing their hardest to keep us interested while we wait anxiously (and safely) to see "The Walk." Seemingly, everyone who knows Nik is being interviewed. Even Joel Osteen, the celebrity pastor, is there, along with Nik's wife and extended family. The stunning aerial photos of the Grand Canyon capture my attention because I know I can only see this sector through the lens of a photographer who is shooting from the inside of a helicopter. This area that Nik has chosen to cross is not the site that has been open and available to visitors. Hell Hole Bend is deso- Page 77 late — devoid of people and somewhat otherworldly. It appears to be timeless. Nature has formed its beauty, which is part of the reason Nik has chosen it for his latest challenge. As I was being lulled into another narrative by the co-hosts, suddenly the camera panned to a different location. Nik was finally beginning his walk — and I was holding my breath. Even though I have known the basic facts of his walk (2½-inch-thick cable; 1,400 feet high), it is only when I watch him navigate and continuously use prayer to inspire himself that I feel the full impact of this journey. Acrobats with Sailor Circus demonstrate their skills during the pre-walk festivities.

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