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Siesta Seen COUNTY CODE ENFORCEMENT STAFF ADDRESSES TRASHY PROBLEMS; WORK CONTINUES ON AN EFFORT TO CHANGE THE COUNTY CODE GOVERNING OUTDOOR DISPLAYS OF MERCHANDISE By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor It all started on Friday, June 21, with an email from Prudie Varro, the resort manager at Sunsets by the Key, located at 5203 Avenida Navarra, which is parallel to Ocean Boulevard. As convenient as the inn's location is for her guests, she explained in her missive to county staff and commissioners, that also poses problems, not the least of which is the noise emanating from the bars and restaurants. With After apologizing for her long email to come, this particular email, however, Varro zeroed Varro went on to describe in great detail what in on a source of irritation that had reached can be summed up simply as "a smelly mess." "critical mass." MED RES Photo: Dumpsters and trash on ground by Sunsets on Key June 21 2013 Garbage is piled up adjacent to the dumpsters near Sunsets on the Key. Photo courtesy of Sunsets on the Key

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