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DEFINITIONS SKEWER DREDGE DREAM An engineer's drawing shows a partial site plan for the dredging of a channel associated with property on Bay Shore Road. Image courtesy City of Sarasota THE CITY COMMISSION DENIES THE REQUEST OF THE OWNER OF THE SECOND-LARGEST RESIDENCE IN THE CITY TO REOPEN A CHANNEL INTO HIS YACHT BASIN By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The guy who owns the largest private house in Sarasota received an unexpected setback Monday, July 1, when the City Commission refused to approve his plan to re-dredge a channel into his yacht basin. Armour, like John Ringling, wanted to dock his yacht outside his house. But unlike Ringling, Armour has to cross a seagrass flat to get there. His attorney, Deborah Getzoff, showed the City Commission photographs of an old channel and asked for a "maintenance dredge" James Armour owns the home at 4449 Bay permit back in May. Shore Road, a 39,000-square-foot domicile patterned after the casino in Monte Carlo. The But how "old" must a channel become before only residence larger in Sarasota County is it is not a simple matter of "maintenance" to about a mile up the road at John Ringling's old make it function? There was testimony and place, the Cà d'Zan. video evidence given by Jono Miller — head

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