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No. 42 — July 4, 2013 THE FIGHT GOES ON CONTENTS EYEGLASSES MA Y BREAK THE CYCLE Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY THE FIGHT GOES ON 8 EVEN BETTER FINAL NUMBERS 12 ANOTHER UNFUNDED MANDATE 14 EYEGLASSES MAY BREAK THE CYCLE 20 DEFINITIONS SKEWER DREDGE DREAM 24 CITY BRIEFS 28 QUESTIONING AUTOMATIC RENEWALS 32 MORE THAN CARETAKING 37 The City Commission wants a deeper probe of Save Our Seabirds — Cooper Levey-Baker Across the county, property values have increased even more than preliminary figures indicated in June — Rachel Brown Hackney The Tax Collector's Office is estimating it will cost $4.5 million in facilities expenses for it to take over all drivers' license services by June 2015, as required by the Legislature — Rachel Brown Hackney A chaplain at the county jail wants to reduce the recidivism rate by enabling and encouraging inmates to read — Stan Zimmerman The City Commission denies the request of the owner of the second-largest residence in the city to reopen a channel into his yacht basin — Stan Zimmerman The City Commission approves leashes for pets in all of Payne Park; the Iwo Jima bayfront plaza plan dies; and taxicab license renewals once again become a Police Department responsibility — Stan Zimmerman The Sarasota County commissioners ask a lot of questions before agreeing to keep a contract with Charlotte County Ford for cars and light trucks — Rachel Brown Hackney With the County Call Center fielding lots of questions about the future of Warm Mineral Springs, county and city staff members are at work on details that need to be handled before a short-term manager is hired — Rachel Brown Hackney NEWS BRIEFS 43 BUSINESS BRIEFS 50 CRIME BLOTTER54 PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Fireworks Festival - Robert Hackney Sarasota Leisure: At play in the surf - Robert Hackney

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