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No. 43 — July 12, 2013 CONTENTS PARKING METER COMEBACK? SIX YEARS OF SUITS Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY PARKING METER COMEBACK? 8 DENIED A SEAT 13 Burns Court is looking to join the Downtown Improvement District and talk arises of parking meters returning to the city as a budget necessity — Stan Zimmerman Michael Beaumier and Paul Bispham are named to the county Planning Commission, while former three-term County Commissioner Jon Thaxton received only one vote — Roger Drouin ONWARD17 County pushes forward on 2050 overhaul — Cooper Levey-Baker FLORIDA PLANNERS AND OBAMA, TOO 22 SIX YEARS OF SUITS 27 TRYING TO PLUG THE HOLE 32 FLEXIBILITY FOR DEVELOPMENT 36 SPARRING OVER EMS COSTS 41 SORRY, NO SWIMMING 45 The President of the United States endorses Benderson Park's bid for the World Rowing Championships as the facility wins state accolades — Staff Reports The County Commission votes 3-1 to vacate a right of way in settling a 2011 lawsuit filed by Siesta Village property owner Chris Brown — Rachel Brown Hackney The City Commission has no comments this week on a proposed 2014 fiscal year budget starting out at $5.7 million in the hole, with a loss of 17 police officers and 80 percent of payroll costs projected to cover pension obligations — Stan Zimmerman The most significant change in a new county ordinance governing surplus land sales deletes the requirement that the county can only sell its surplus property to the highest bidder — Roger Drouin The County Commission takes issue with Venice's request for county reimbursement every time a city fire truck responds to a call with county EMTs — Roger Drouin Sarasota County and the City of North Port will seek an independent assessment of the state of facilities at Warm Mineral Springs while the resort remains closed — Rachel Brown Hackney PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Summer Skies - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: The Gnarled Oak - Robert Hackney

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