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Sarasota News Leader July 12, 2013 Page 47 curement process is not as complicated or time-consuming as the county's. The board also gave its consensus to allow Reid to use his authority under the new county Procurement Code approved this year to proceed with reasonable expenditures for any repairs deemed necessary. The code allows the county administrator to obtain goods or services at a cost up to $100,000 without commission approval. Before the vote, Commissioner Nora Patterson said, "I would be happy to let [the City of] North Port, with assistance of [county] staff, get somebody in there really fast to assess the financial bill that's attached to this," referring Jennifer Graham, the former assistant general to the inspection process. "But I'm not willing manager of Warm Mineral Springs, addresses to come back from break and find out that the the County Commission on July 10. Photo by staff felt like they were given the leeway to Norman Schimmel address a couple of million dollars worth of Robinson's motion authorizing the indepenthings that I think should be the responsibility dent facilities assessment followed a board of a long-term operator." discussion with Ed Gable, the county's di"I have an expenditure limit that you have rector of general services, who had conductset," Reid told the board. "I wouldn't be re- ed several walk-throughs of Warm Mineral placing an entire roof or doing mold [remedi- Springs since it closed on June 30. ation] without coming back to the board. … In response to a question from Robinson, I'm smarter than that." Gable said he expected it would take three "Thank goodness," Patterson told him with a weeks to a month to hire a firm to do the inchuckle. spection. Reid pointed out that he already had been When Robinson questioned why it would take working with Jonathan Lewis, the North Port so long to get the work done, Gable said, "We city manager, about the need for repairs at the can certainly expedite that if we need to." resort. "Our decisions going forward are going to be County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh told the based on the structural integrity of Warm Minboard the Procurement Code also gives Reid eral Springs," Robinson replied. If the inspecauthority to take appropriate action to rectify tor's report indicates the buildings needed to issues posing danger to health or safety. be torn down, she continued, "then our long-

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