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PARKING METER COMEBACK? Burns Court property owners are interested either in joining the Downtown Improvement District or creating a district of their own. Photo by Norman Schimmel BURNS COURT IS LOOKING TO JOIN THE DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT AND TALK ARISES OF PARKING METERS RETURNING TO THE CITY AS A BUDGET NECESSITY By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The merchants around Burns Court are con- expansion of the existing DID or the creation sidering joining the Downtown Improvement of an entirely new one. District, an area of self-taxing property ownMoran added that Sharon Katzman, owner of ers using the money for a variety of landIOPTICS Eyewear in scape and hardscape Burns Court, is trying improvements. The manufacturer of those famous to round up support The news came this meters has found a way to refurbish for the idea. She has week from John Moenlisted former City them. … We can't return them, and ran, operations manCommissioner Ken nobody else wants them. ager of the DID. He Shelin to help. Shelin said the initiative is was on the commisEileen Hampshire Board Member at an early stage, so it sion when the current Downtown Improvement District might entail either an DID was founded.

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