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DATE CERTAIN The U.S. Capitol. Photo by Raul654 via Wikimedia Commons JUDGE NAMES TRIAL DATE IN YEARS-OLD BUCHANAN DISPUTE By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor A years-old business dispute involving U.S. That motion accuses Buchanan of "defrauding Rep. Vern Buchanan of Longboat Key may fi- Kazran," as well as "abusing the good offices nally have an end point in sight: July. of this Court to silence Kazran regarding numerous election laws which were knowingly July 2014, that is. violated by Buchanan during his run for public The dispute between Buchanan, the Sarasota office." The filing claims "Kazran lost his enRepublican, and Sam Kazran, a former busi- tire business" and more than $40 million in the ness partner, stretches all the way back to Sep- process. The judge in the case this year gave tember 2008, when Kazran originally filed suit Kazran's attorneys leave to assert a claim for against the congresspunitive damages. man and his company, 1099 Management. But The judge is pretty adamant that Kazran has repeatedly the case has picked maintained that Buthat is going to be the date. up steam since March chanan instructed him to reimburse employ2012, when Kazran's Josh Kon Attorney ees for $67,900 worth attorneys filed a secStok Folk + Kon of contributions to Buond amended motion.

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