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CITY BRIEFS Main Street improvements are under way in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel COUPLE CONVINCES COMMISSION TO HOLD OFF ON PART OF THE MAIN STREET IMPROVEMENTS; A NEW LAUREL PARK OVERLAY DISTRICT WINS APPROVAL; THE PROCLAMATION PROCESS MAY BE TWEAKED By Stan Zimmerman City Editor A couple fights City Hall and succeeds. How can you qualify for a key to the city? And a neighborhood wins a possibly historic decision. These are the stories as we review the City Commission activity of July 15. sion about a city action they worried would put them out of business. By luck, the issue came up as the second item on the agenda. The Downtown Improvement District is embarking on a $1 million-plus series of improvements to Main Street. One of them will be the DO NOT LET ME DOWN addition of $57,000 worth of brick pavers to Louise and Parker the crosswalks at Main Converse showed up Street and Palm AveWe'll be isolated and trapped on a nue. The work will rebefore the meeting in a bit of a panic. They dead-end block. quire a 16-day closure buttonholed the mayor of the intersection, Parker Converse Co-Owner to ask how they could and that is what terriArtisan Cheese Co. speak to the commisfied the Converses.

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