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After last week's rush of stories, I was worried we would have little left to offer this week. Silly me. In fact, we had so much going on, it was more difficult than usual to decide the order in which to present our stories. That is a problem we much prefer, of course, to feeling we have little of interest to grab your attention. And while I used to be torn about how big a play to give a topic you might have read about in another publication, I finally worked myself out of that frenzy. We prefer to think that our reporters give you a better — and definitely a more thorough — take on current events than you will find elsewhere. Thanks also to the gifts of our wonderful production manager, Cleve Posey, we believe firmly that you will not find those stories presented in a more eye-catching fashion anywhere else. (In fact, when I was speaking with a county staff member for the first time this week, she mentioned she was aware of the News Leader and especially commented on the looks of it. More kudos for Cleve.) Back to this week's issue: From the latest community discussion on how to handle the homelessness issues to City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo's run for the County Commission to a malodorous sludge problem to fraudulent flipping's effects on a Sarasota neighborhood to the latest on Warm Mineral Springs, we truly have ranged widely. Throw in some politics and the hurricane season, and you will not want for variety. Editor and Publisher

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