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A REFLECTION OF 'BIG EASY' Architect Chris Gallagher has submitted to city officials a New Orleans-style design for a restaurant in the triangular building at Five Points. Image courtesy City of Sarasota BUSINESSMAN CHRIS BROWN PROPOSES A NEW ORLEANS-STYLE DESIGN FOR THE RESTAURANT HE PLANS TO OPEN IN THE LANDMARK BUILDING AT FIVE POINTS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Chris Brown hopes the City of Sarasota will approve his plans for a radical makeover of the triangular structure at Five Points in the heart of downtown. walks. They would be supported by columns stretching 12 feet down to the sidewalk. Because the sidewalk is public property, he needs city permission to proceed with the design. The building housed Patrick's Restaurant for He took the initial step in that process on Wednesday, Aug. 7, more than 20 years; rewhen he asked the cently, it was home to the Floribbean. You are aware of the scrutiny on Development Review Committee (DRC) to this block. Brown wants to add look at his plans and "galleries" on the secoffer feedback. He Courtney Mendez Senior Planner ond floor that would heard an earful, but City of Sarasota protrude over the sidenot a turndown.

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