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08/09/2013 & 08/16/2013

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Just as we were working Wednesday on this double issue (if The New Yorker can do it, so can we) — to enable our staff to enjoy some vacation next week — what to our wondering eyes did appear but a big bolt of lightning. Sadly, I am not speaking in metaphorical terms about a spectacular story idea. I am talking about a bolt from the sky that made my fingers tingle as I typed on my computer keyboard. We normally are proud to tout the miracles of modern technology, but those miracles can die a fast death at the ages-old "hands" of Mother Nature. And boy, did our Internet connection die a violent death. Thankfully, we had a good start on the numerous stories for this double issue of Aug. 9 and Aug. 16. Otherwise, Thursday would have been a very unhappy day. We can survive at work without air conditioning; we simply cannot survive without that powerful source of information called the World Wide Web, or email, or our software editing/production program. Apparently, the live people my husband finally reached — after threading the maze of computer-animated responses — at the local office of our Internet provider heard from more than a few folks on Wednesday who suffered serious storm-related woes. Thankfully though, my husband proved very persuasive, and a kind repairman came to our rescue on Thursday. As a result, you will find plenty to read until Aug. 23, when our next issue will appear. And, as usual, we take great delight in having scooped the daily newspaper on a number of this issue's stories. Editor and Publisher

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