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THE $8 MILLION QUESTION BMX riders compete during an event at the Sarasota track. Image courtesy Sarasota County THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS THIS WEEK DEBATED SAVING FUNDS FREED UP BY A RESERVE POLICY CHANGE OR USING THEM FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, WITH AN AUG. 27 VOTE SET TO CONFIRM THE DECISION THAT MAKES THE MONEY AVAILABLE By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Two world champions and a representative from an Ohio firm that designs and constructs all the major BMX tracks stood before the County Commission on Tuesday, Aug. 20, imploring the board to approve about $1 million in funding to make Sarasota County an international center for BMX training and events. Their request was left on the table until at least Aug. 27, when the commission will be asked to take a formal policy vote on whether to keep a 75-day reserve fund for operations after a disaster or the current 90-day fund. The 15-day change would free up more than $8 million that could be spent on a variety of economic development projects, Commissioner Joe Barbetta has maintained, including the Sarasota is the holy ground for addition of a 5-meter BMX in the United States. ramp and the reconfiguration of the track Todd Harper at the BMX facility on Elite Trax Inc. 17th Street.

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