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Sarasota News Leader August 23, 2013 OPINION renourishment. Those sands will not be as refined as the sands that make the beach so distinctive, but that is the only practical alternative. Moreover, adding groins to Lido Beach to extend the life of any renourishment is delusional folly. Those groins will alter the natural transport patterns of sands on both islands and also Big Pass, which divides them. If the Page 61 city persists in desiring the shoal sand from Big Pass, it is incumbent upon the Corps of Engineers to make the tough choice and deny that request. Let us hope the City of Sarasota does not persist in playing the role of the mother who agreed for King Solomon to cut the living baby in half. % AN AUGUST VISIT WITH ANGELINA By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer COMMENTARY It is very quiet h e r e t o d a y. Something is missing — and someone I miss a great deal is not around my house. living room, furniture all askew and fairy princesses in different rooms, waiting to be repositioned correctly in their special "home." Even princesses like to bake, and I bet their cupcakes are delicious. As the cliché goes, all around is the sound of silence. What am I not hearing or seeing or Our special arts and crafts area is vacant now, touching? Where is the little girl we had so too. Paint boxes with 10 vivid colors, paint brushes and stacks of plain white paper are much fun with the previous five days? waiting to be enlivened with beautiful pictures The pool is empty, with not a single ripple vis- by their masterful creators. ible. The tubes are resting quietly on the surAnd all those wondrous books we did not get a face, waiting for a 5-year-old to jump in and chance to finish reading lie there undisturbed enjoy using them. The water pistols are thirsty. now, with stories as magical and fantastic as They need somebody to refill and shoot them the little girl who read some of them to me. at the top of the pool cage, toward the sky. As she likes to tell me, "Grammy, I'm on Step The pink noodle is looking for a smiling, hap- 2 now, and next time I will be on Step 3." py girl in a pink swimsuit to play with and bat Thank you, Angelina Juliette, for giving us so the big beach ball to the deep end of the pool. many wonderful memories and celebrating The beautiful dollhouse that is a favorite of your "almost 6" birthday with us. my daughter's — the dollhouse Angelina now We will be waiting for your next visit; and I calls her own — is sitting comfortably in our promise to keep the pool heated. %

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