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Sarasota News Leader August 23, 2013 Page 66 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR GOLF CARTS ON SIESTA ROADS PORTEND MANY PROBLEMS To the editor: Who might use these carts? Probably seniors. One must not generalize, but their slower drivGolf carts on Siesta Key streets? That notion ing habits coupled with a decline in visual acureminds me of The Villages. ity could create other problems. Golf carts there, the norm, populate the narrow, planned development roads. On Siesta Last, Siesta Key has a distinct lack of adequate Key, with larger randomly sized roads, cars parking spaces. Do we think it appropriate are king. Simply and thankfully, Siesta Key that a cart take the spot of a car? This doesn't does not want to become The Villages. seem like the best use of resources. We assume the carts would have access to the For the reasons stated, we see the introduckey's roads. They are way too wide to relegate to bike lanes. And then what do the bikers do? tion of golf carts to Siesta Key as a poorly conceived idea. Still, let's hear what the proCarts will have an effect on speed limits. They ponents have to say. Might they have a onego slow. And while some people may see that month test program? Then let the people vote. as a benefit, a line of cars behind a cart could present a problem. Think of a weekend day in That seems a fair idea. season, a cart inhibiting cars from getting to Jeffrey Weisman the beach or the Village: horns, trying to pass, tempers — not a happy sight. Siesta Key 2050 PLAN IS UNWORKABLE FOR MANY REASONS To the editor: sustain any business development in isolation except for deliveries. It all sounds like a plan for Sarasota's own International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)/UN Agenda 21, Theresienbad or Potemkin Village. The last place I saw the term "hamlet" used was in South Vietnam. Do you want to live in a fenced-in residential area? I read your latest article on Sarasota 2050 (More tweaks to 2050? — Aug. 9/16) with a little interest. All of the advocates for minimal (i.e., no) growth like the plan because it makes growth in the undeveloped areas of the county nearly impossible, with its demands to meeting all of the fussy and specific regulations for self-contained and self-sustaining There are two half-functional examples of communities. Sarasota 2050's ICLEI "happy village." The I would not like to see an urban clump of five- Meadows is one whose stores only partialto 10-story condo developments in the middle ly meet the residents' needs. Another one is of green space. That's what it would take to the Bee Ridge Extension area. It's not exactly

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