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CARAGIULO EKES OUT A VICTORY City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo listens to discussion during the Sept. 3 meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel IN A 3-2 VOTE, THE CITY COMMISSION SETS ASIDE $500,000 FOR HOMELESSNESS — INCLUDING A COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRANT AND $211,000 IN ADDITIONAL MONEY By Roger Drouin County Editor Following a County Commission pledge last month to set aside $500,000 to deal with homelessness issues in the area, a split 3-2 City Commission voted Tuesday, Sept. 3, to match that. Commissioners Paul Caragiulo and Suzanne Atwell and Mayor Shannon Snyder voted to dedicate the money to initiatives for the homeless. The divided city board I know the difficulty in setting took the action after a discussion about aside a blank check for something you funding for a home- haven't seen. But what I am asking is less shelter, which that you set it aside. has also been called Paul Sutton Chairman a "transitional center" Community Alliance Committee by consultant Dr. Robon Homelessness ert Marbut. Commissioners Willie Shaw and Susan Chapman said they could not support the effort. Although Snyder and Atwell voted for the funding, they did voice concerns about the overall cost of building and operating a new facility.

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