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A GRISLY ANNIVERSARY Members of the Congress of Racial Equality and All Souls Church in Washington, D.C., marched Sept. 22, 1963 in memory of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing victims. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons A SEPT. 10 SARASOTA PROGRAM WILL REFLECT ON THE BIRMINGHAM, AL, BOMBING THAT KILLED FOUR BLACK GIRLS 50 YEARS AGO By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Two weeks ago, thousands of Americans Church in Birmingham, AL, that killed four gathered in Washington, D.C., to commemo- black girls preparing for Sunday school. rate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the oc- Next week's event, dubbed 50 Years and Then casion of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s epochal "I Some, will begin with freedom song singHave a Dream" speech. Next Tuesday, Sept. alongs, led by the library's Arlen Bensen, one 10, dozens of Sarasota residents will gather at of the co-designers of the program. Bensen will play his guitar the North Sarasota Liand lead the audience brary to remember the Four innocent little girls in Sunday in classics of the Civil 50th anniversary of a much grislier event in school of all places. In Sunday school. Rights Movement: We the civil rights strugShall Overcome, We Carolyn Mason Chairwoman gle: the bombing of Shall Not Be Moved Sarasota County Commission the 16th Street Baptist and more. The pro-

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