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No. 51 — September 6, 2013 WORKING ON A PLAN CONTENTS WAECHTER AND THE FEC Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY WORKING ON A PLAN 8 NO DEAL 14 WAECHTER AND THE FEC 19 CARAGIULO EKES OUT A VICTORY 22 PAID PARKING — AGAIN 27 'CAT AND MOUSE' 30 A GRISLY ANNIVERSARY 35 BRINGING HOME THE BID 39 A CLEARER POLICY REQUESTED 47 Dr. Robert Marbut's approach is really a balance between two extremes, and he stresses 'smart love' — Roger Drouin After the driver in a 2012 vehicle crash that killed a Siesta Key runner decides not to accept a plea offer from the state, his trial is scheduled for November — Rachel Brown Hackney State authorities fine former Sarasota GOP chief — Cooper Levey-Baker In a 3-2 vote, the City Commission sets aside $500,000 for homelessness — including a community development grant and $211,000 in additional money — Roger Drouin The City of Sarasota will start charging people who use the Palm Avenue garage — Roger Drouin The noise discussion turns to enforcement after the city commissioners learn about a game at several Main Street bars that seem to be evading the city's sound ordinance — Roger Drouin A Sept. 10 Sarasota program will reflect on the Birmingham, AL, bombing that killed four black girls 50 years ago — Cooper Levey-Baker Benderson Park scores the 2017 World Rowing Championships; now the fundraising begins in earnest — Rachel Brown Hackney A County Commission motion to bill a resident retroactively for a public records request fails on a 2-3 vote, but the board calls for new guidelines for future charges — Rachel Brown Hackney PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Morning Moon - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: Verdant Promontory - Norman Schimmel

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