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Sarasota News Leader September 6, 2013 THE DOLLARS On Aug. 27, just days before the local delegation flew to Korea, the Sarasota County Commission approved a revised reimbursement agreement with Manatee County and SANCA that specifies "The participation in the reimbursement funding of the planning, hosting and staging of the [World Rowing Championships] by [each of the counties] shall … not … exceed $2,782,000 …" Assistant County Administrator Lee Ann Lowery explained to the commission that both Randy Benderson, president of Benderson Development, and the Manatee County Commission had signed off on the agreement. The Sarasota board passed it unanimously. An amendment to the agreement says, "It is anticipated that the Counties' cash contribution of $5.564 million together with the revenues raised by or raised in conjunction with Page 45 the Event … are adequate to deliver the Event consistent with the Project Budget … If additional funds are needed … [not including money necessary for in-kind services not in the budget, such as those for security, maintenance, traffic control and emergency services], Benderson Development Company LLC will make those funds available through its participation in SANCA by way of sponsorships, obligations or combination of commitments necessary." The total expenses for the event — $7,671,320.03 — are balanced by revenue expected to be generated by the championships, according to the documents provided to the County Commission. Ticket sales are pegged at $80 for VIP seats; $40 for other seats; and $20 for general admission. Use of the "Presidents Grandstand," for example, is estimated to bring in $18,400 in U.S. dollars, while seats in the FISA Family What is a party without a cake? Guests at the Benderson Park reception on Sept. 4 were treated to one with appropriate decorations. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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