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A CLEARER POLICY REQUESTED Lourdes Ramirez addresses the County Commission in April. Photo by Norman Schimmel A COUNTY COMMISSION MOTION TO BILL A RESIDENT RETROACTIVELY FOR A PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST FAILS ON A 2-3 VOTE, BUT THE BOARD CALLS FOR NEW GUIDELINES FOR FUTURE CHARGES By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Sarasota County Commissioner Joe Barbetta 2050 Plan for development east of Interstate failed last week in an attempt to bill Siesta 75. Barbetta has argued over the past several Key resident Lourdes Ramirez retroactively months for changes in the plan, saying its pafor a public records request that necessitated rameters are too restrictive to make developa county employee sit with her for about nine ment possible. hours while Ramirez During almost exactreviewed the doculy 45 minutes of disments. I think we've been taken advantage cussion on Aug. 28, of, but going forward, I want us to the five commissionRamirez, president of rigorously enforce this. It's not fair to the ers did agree that all the Sarasota County staff or the taxpayers. Council of Neighborcounty departments hood Associations, has should bill people in Carolyn Mason Chairwoman been researching the the future for staff Sarasota County Commission history of the county's time in situations simi-

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