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TOO HIGH A PRICE Two employees of Mega Mowers work in a Sarasota County neighborhood in late August. Photo by Rachel Hackney THE COUNTY COMMISSION HAS AGREED TO NEW ONE-YEAR MOWING CONTRACTS IN FOUR ZONES BUT IT ALSO WILL PURSUE A REEXAMINATION OF THE SCOPE OF WORK WITHIN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Yes, they want the county to look good. No, However, with the extra cost of $1,484,700.59 they do not want to see the price continue to — a slight decrease from the earlier estimate escalate. of $1,514,000 — the commissioners agreed that changes probably Those were the priwill be necessary in mary sentiments exWe come in and save you guys. the scope of work. The pressed by Sarasota County commission- This is our second or third time coming most likely target will ers last week as they in after a failed contract. … We get be residential mowing, voted 4-1 to approve everything done on time; our work passes, a subject about which four new one-year Commissioner Nora contracts with firms and we never get a full contract. Patterson asked nutaking over in areas Brigitte Campfield merous questions on where companies had Mega Mowers Aug. 27 and 28, before decided to abandon the final vote came. the work.

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