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WATER WORRIES Gulf & Bay Club buildings stood out behind the site of the new Siesta Key stormwater project when the area was being cleared in early August. File photo A COUNTY COMMISSIONER ASKS FOR FREQUENT UPDATES ON THE SIESTA KEY STORMWATER PROJECT AND SAYS SHE HOPES THE COUNTY WILL HELP RESTORE THE BEACH IN FRONT OF ONE CONDOMINIUM COMPLEX TO ITS PRE-PROJECT CONDITION By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Saying the site looks "like a disaster area," of the stained area of beach in front of the Sarasota County Commissioner Nora Patter- complex once the project is completed. son this week asked staff to provide frequent updates to the manager of the Gulf & Bay Club Tom Fastiggi, manager of the 392-condominium unit Gulf & Bay — as well as the comClub — which stands mission itself — on What Mr. Fastiggi describes is adjacent to the stormthe status of the Beach Road stormwater proj- accurate. A lot of area that used to be water project work white beach … really is Gulf & Bay area — appeared beect on Siesta Key. fore the board during property.. Additionally, Patterthe public comments Nora Patterson son said she hoped the portion of its Sept. 24 Commissioner county would be able meeting in Sarasota to Sarasota County to help with cleanup ask for reassurance

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