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As I write this, I feel I am "channeling" the guy in that old FedEx commercial who talked so fast it was almost hard to understand him. I believe I would have to spit out the words just as quickly if I wanted to announce all of this week's headlines in a 60-second spot. Not only do we have a lot of news, we also have multiple feature stories, thanks to City Editor Stan Zimmerman, our beloved contributor Fran Palmeri and gardening guru Rick Wielgorecki. Every week the County Commission meets, I think the discussions will be bound to generate fewer stories than the previous sessions did. There is that law of averages, after all. Nevertheless, County Editor Roger Drouin and I continue to find plenty of fodder. And there was a considerable degree of diversity in those deliberations this week. Although Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker was all prepared to weigh in with his own County Commission story regarding the 2050 Plan, he felt the simple vote to advertise a public hearing on proposed changes did not yield enough new news. Instead, he concentrated primarily on one of the top hot-button issues in the country — ObamaCare. For Cooper, that also meant trying to dispel many myths. Among all the news we offer this week, we are proud again to include a number of stories I have not seen in any other publication. It may take some time for you to peruse all this news, but we feel you will have a very good idea of what transpired in Sarasota County this week if you do. Editor and Publisher

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