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Sarasota News Leader September 27, 2013 Page 39 that can be considered in our study. There currently [exist] in the county's handling of CRAs and redevelopment activities great inconsistencies." "In my opinion," Barbetta added, "He either ought to resign as chair or as a committee member … The committee's being totally sidetracked and it's most unfortunate." Merrill's refusal to bow to the County Commission's requests boiled over at the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24. At the end of the session during the Commission Reports segment, Robinson said Merrill "is casting an entire cloud on this for me right now." Absent so far from the fray is the Sarasota City Commission, which has a heavy stake ($3 million per year) in the outcome. If not sooner, it will be dragged into the scrum on Oct. 22, when the City and County commissions hold a joint meeting. Both bodies have asked that the CRA issue be put on the agenda. Commissioner Joe Barbetta piled on. "There's almost a definite intent on [the part of] this chairman, Mr. Merrill, to rouse up animosity between the municipalities and the county. I think he's gone way beyond the scope of his board appointment." Sometime between now and 2016, the two commissions will have to come to an agreement on the downtown CRA. Merrill and his committee hope to provide guidance to create a "model CRA" for the commissions to evaluate. His committee is due to deliver a report next January. % County Commissioners Joe Barbetta and Christine Robinson study budget material during a workshop. File photo

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