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Sarasota News Leader September 27, 2013 Page 65 He hopes Lift Station 87 is operational by Aug. 20, 2015. However, the schedule says LS 87 will be "commissioned" on Feb. 27, 2015. On the latter date, it still would need to be connected to the piping, including a new 24-inch sanitary sewer line. "There are a lot of utilities out there, so you may need to do some [water] jetting first," said city Utility Manager Michael Crumpton. The original project ran into difficulties, and the contractor threw up its metaphorical hands and walked away. Lawsuits have ensued. McKim & Creed is now picking up the pieces, confirming prior information and devising a way to move forward. "They were not sure what was happening under the bridge abutments," said Garland of the original contractor and crew. He added that there is concern about the boundary between the bridge supports and the lime rock underneath. "We need to confirm the concrete-lime rock interface," he pointed out. Early next month, the company will begin test borings to reconfirm earlier findings. The city's engineers reminded Garland to make sure the public in the area is informed of any traffic delays or street closures. According to the schedule, construction is expected to begin in late September 2014, starting with the installation of a 36-inch gravity sewer line. After all the work is finished and tested at LS 87, the old and failing LS 7 will be demolished. % Of special interest is the joint between the footers of the Osprey Avenue bridge over Hudson Bayou. Before After Before and after photos provided by the City of Sarasota show no significant effects to Luke Wood Park as a result of the Lift Station 87 work. Image courtesy of the City of Sarasota

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