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Sarasota News Leader October 4, 2013 Commissioner Christine Robinson called for the two versions. One will have a provision allowing people coming into the county who have registered as domestic partners in another jurisdiction to have only those rights accorded to Sarasota County domestic partnership registrants. The other draft would leave out any mention of such reciprocity. Page 16 visitation rights by partners to healthcare and correctional facilities, and authorization regarding healthcare and funeral/burial decisions." The section regarding those rights says they would be "extended only for the time that such individuals are physically located within the geographical area of Sarasota County" In a memo to the County Commission accom- and they would be limited to "those rights, panying the draft ordinances, DeMarsh privileges and benefits provided in [this ordinance]." pointed out that if the board agreed to provide reciprocity, "Those rights [would] include "I am hoping that they adopt the version pronotification of family members in the event of viding for reciprocity," Shelin wrote in an an emergency, preneed guardian designation, Oct. 1 email to the News Leader. A chart presented to the County Commission in June shows the types of rights that could be conferred through a domestic partnership registry. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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