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SCC PREVIEW Businessman Chris Brown would like to add New Orleans-style 'galleries' to the second floor of the Kress Building at 1400 Main St. Image courtesy City of Sarasota AN AMBITIOUS AGENDA LIES AHEAD FOR THE SARASOTA CITY COMMISSION ON OCT. 7, INCLUDING DISCUSSION OF THE PLANS FOR THE BUILDING AT 1400 MAIN ST. By Stan Zimmerman City Editor There is a little something for everybody on the Monday, Oct. 7, Sarasota City Commission agenda: cleaning up Hudson Bayou, new development along Whitaker Bayou, more parking for Burns Square, a new Teamsters contract, updates on more roundabouts and news on the State Street garage design. IN THE AFTERNOON The consent agenda includes a new agreement between the city and Teamsters Local Union No. 173. The three-year contract gives a 3-percent raise to the employees it will cover. It includes a healthcare plan with a high deductible and an option for a health reimbursement The two big issues will come up late in the account. evening session. One concerns plans for General city employees not covered by a so-called galleries on the second floor of the union are also in line to receive a 3 percent former Patrick's restaurant at Five Points. The boost in pay. Included in that deal are two other is a discussion of where to put another charter officials, the city manager and the city auditor and clerk. Money for all this was facility for vagrants and the homeless.

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