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Sarasota News Leader October 4, 2013 In "zoning-speak," these kinds of second-floor balconies are called "galleries," and this is the first time anybody has requested a "major encroachment" in the city to build "galleries." Once again, quality of life runs up against economics, and this time the focal point is smack in the heart of downtown. The "encroachment" must entail a "public purpose" to allow for the City Commission's approval of the design, according to city code. Testimony on both sides is certain to focus on that issue, among others. Moving on to the "Kick-the-Can-Down-theRoad Department," the city commissioners will be asked to decide — once again — what they want built at the site of the planned State Page 24 Street parking garage. Four stories? Six stories? Ten stories? How many parking spaces? Until the commission makes a decision — any decision — the Realtor trying to sell the development rights has no idea what to offer. Will the can get kicked again? The last item on the agenda is what one may liken to the initial sputter of a fuse on a time bomb: "Site Placement for Homeless Facility." Vice Mayor Willie Shaw asked that this be included on the agenda. There is no backup material, and unless Shaw or somebody else offers any substantial guidance, it could be a freewheeling discussion of where commissioners do not want "a homeless facility." % The Pineapple Avenue roundabout was the most recent to open in the city — in late spring 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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