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OPPORTUNITIES TO PARTICIPATE The Federal Building is located in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE CITY'S NEW FORM-BASED CODE, THE COUNTY'S FRUITVILLE INITIATIVE AND 2050 PLAN AND THE CITY'S LIFT STATION 87 PROJECT WILL BE FOCUSES OF UPCOMING PUBLIC SESSIONS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor In coming days, community residents will entire project. And parts of the current code have a number of opportunities to become drive neighbors to madness because so much more actively engaged in local government can change as a project evolves. efforts that will affect their future. Several months ago, the city hired Karin When you undertake to rewrite essentially what Murphy and Andrew Georgiadis to charge into is the DNA of a city, there are bound to be ques- the zoning thicket and hack away in search tions. In this case, Sarasota's DNA is its zoning of more equity and predictability for business code. What can be built where and how tall and and community leaders alike. where is the parking and literally thousands of On Friday, Oct. 4, Murphy and Georgiadis will other niggling details must be answered before hold an open house at their Urban Design the OK stamp goes on the plans. Studio on the first floor of the Federal Building It drives developers to madness, because at the intersection of Ringling Boulevard and a mistake with a small detail can derail an Orange Avenue in Sarasota. They will display

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