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Sarasota News Leader October 4, 2013 OPINION He noisily announced that he was forgoing his congressional salary during the government shutdown, and he urged his colleagues to do likewise. Apparently he believes we should be impressed by his "magnanimous" act — an empty gesture by someone who is independently wealthy — and ignore his central role in the precipitation of this crisis that is hurting millions of Americans, the repercussions of which could be felt for years to come. Page 87 people in this country who struggle to make ends meet. Buchanan and his Republican cohorts do not have any interest in furthering a heterogeneous society in America. They prey upon the fears of other whites to polarize society. At its core, their opposition to the ACA is less about government overreach than about their bigoted opposition to a black president. Buchanan was elected to serve the interests Buchanan is precisely what is wrong with the of those in his Congressional district, but he Congress in general and the Republican con- has failed in that duty. He has put his own self-interests first, joining forces with those tingent in particular: He is rich and white. who seek to marginalize America as a place He and his Republican colleagues have no of a few "haves" and many, many "have-nots." interest in helping those who are in need. They are disproportionately part of the He is entitled to his wealth and his beliefs. wealthy elite and disdain what Mitt Romney But he should not be entitled, in our name, to described as "the 47 percent" — almost half the imperil our government and our way of life. % THE BEST TIME OF DAY AT THE BEACH By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer COMMENTARY The best part of The birds are just settling in too, knowing the early morn- that later, when the crowds appear, they will ing hours at Siesta Beach is … everything. be approaching the visitors and hoping for Watch the sun rise and the moon disappear, quick snacks. signaling the dawn of another spectacular day. Gaze along the sparsely crowded beach See the beach walkers still in silhouette; then, for what seems like miles. Observe the jog- watch in wonder as the sun rises, when they gers and coin catchers — or metal detectors, if you will — all looking so intent in their pur- are transformed from faceless shadows into real people. suit of pleasure on the sand.

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