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Sarasota News Leader October 4, 2013 Page 93 Siesta Seen to create 18 parking spaces along the road's shoulder, a revised conceptual plan has a $21,000 estimate, he pointed out, "based on current unit prices for the materials." Most of the spaces would be completely off the pavement, Harriott wrote. The parking areas would be delineated with a post-and-rope system and, where possible, with pavement markings, he added. Staff planned to meet with the adjacent property owners to review the latest plan with them, Harriott added in his memo. Additionally, he was going to proceed with obtaining any permits needed for the work as well as work on the procurement process for materials. Most important, perhaps, he also planned to present the conceptual plan to the County Commission for its approval and agreement to the expense. "The spaces may be filled with shell … to During final budget discussions this year, delineate the parking and provide a stable Commissioner Christine Robinson and Vice base," he noted. Chairman Charles Hines, especially, voiced The goal is to alleviate concerns about concern that staff make certain the board vehicles on the road blocking homeowner understands overall budget impacts of any driveways, leaving insufficient space for pas- extra spending proposed after the start of the sage of emergency vehicles, parking in front new fiscal year, which was Oct. 1. That is part of the fire hydrant and making it difficult for of an effort Robinson has called for to help drivers to maneuver and turn around at the control costs and rein in use of money from the county's economic uncertainty fund. end of the street. A Sarasota County diagram shows how parking spaces can be created on North Shell Road. Image courtesy of Sarasota County

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