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Sarasota News Leader October 4, 2013 Page 95 Siesta Seen OUTDOOR DISPLAYS host a meeting for business owners to determine whether they can reach an agreement Yet another months-long initiative remains on revising the zoning code to allow some under way, Gaddie reported during the regu- types of outdoor displays. lar SKVA meeting this week. During the summer, a number of business "I know that we have quite a few businesses owners became upset after county Code interested in pursuing something within the Enforcement Officer John Lally wrote them [Siesta Key Overlay District, or SKOD] to citations for violating the SKOD by displaying allow outdoor display," she told the approxi- clothing and numerous other items outside mately 30 members present. their shops. The displays had gone up while Lally was on medical leave. She is working with representatives of the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, she con- If an amended SKOD ordinance can be develtinued, to prepare a letter about that issue, oped, Gaddie continued, it would be presented which will be sent to all businesses on Siesta to the SKA, so that organization's members Key. Then the Chamber and the SKVA plan to can weigh in on it. The owners of Siesta Key Outfitters and Le Grand Bisou in Siesta Village both have voiced support for some lenience in the zoning code regarding outdoor displays. File photo

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