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Sometimes it is not the events that just happened but those coming up that spark the most interest in a community. That is assuredly the case this week, thanks to the wildfire spread of comments about the latest set of County Commission evaluations of County Administrator Randall Reid. County Editor Roger Drouin pored through both sets of evaluations the commissioners have completed this year — and the county charter — to set the stage for the Oct. 23 board meeting. That is the day we expect to get a much clearer picture of Reid's future in this community. City Editor Stan Zimmerman long has been providing previews of upcoming City Commission meetings, an effort for which he deserves far more commendation than he receives. Good government demands public participation. If you know an item that is important to you is coming up on a meeting agenda, you can plan accordingly. Not only has Stan previewed the Oct. 21 City Commission meeting in this issue, but he also has offered a snapshot of issues on the agenda for the joint City/County commissions meeting on Oct. 22. Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker this week tackled a slightly different but very compelling local government topic. His report on ethics allegations lodged against a county commissioner is not your typical "he said/he said" article. Fortunately, as an "antidote" to all that hard news, contributor Harriet Cuthbert has served up a splendid review of a flamenco performance during the Ringling International Arts Festival. You will feel as though you were there when you read her descriptions. Editor and Publisher

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