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Sarasota News Leader October 25, 2013 Born in 1970, Colorusso grew up with the punk rock movement of the 1980s and soon began writing and performing music of his own, the release continues. "In the 1990s, he toured with bands and launched his own record company. During this time, he continuously expanded his musical ability, but also questioned the nature of traditional musical performance itself," the release adds. Page 126 Art Center Sarasota will be showcasing two of these pieces. Berger points out in the release, "In effect, Colorusso's installation will turn Art Center Sarasota into a vast magic lantern. But it's a magic lantern with a beat. Each cube also emits a different four-note chord in an ever-shifting volume. All six cubes playing together weave a tapestry of sound, evoking "Eventually, Colorusso made the leap from at times an organ, at other times a choir." 'performing musician' to 'installation artist,'" it continues. "At first, he created light The release adds, "If Colorusso's CUBEMUSIC sculpture to accompany his compositions. transforms interior space, the artist's Sun Ultimately, light and music became one. The Boxes will do the same for the great outdoors. artist created a series of sound installations Essentially, this installation turns sunshine that broke down barriers between performer into music; the box on each speaker plays a digitally recorded guitar chord when its and audience." Sun Boxes by Craig Colorusso. Contributed photo

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