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Sarasota News Leader October 25, 2013 Page 29 The Sarasota News Leader: Very broadly, healthcare prevention, pap smears, mammowhere is the organization now? grams — is also very critical for the success of having a healthy population in America. Barbara Zdravecky: The organization is undergoing tremendous change. We have a The reverse side of that is the margin issue for great opportunity with the Affordable Care Act us. By having some of those products availto be basically where the action is in health- able, the actual reimbursements that we will care reform in America. Planned Parenthood receive through those contracts is going to has been very active in supporting the cre- be less than what we'd normally get. Mission ation and the acceptance by Congress of the and margin are what most not-for-profits look Affordable Care Act. at all the time — how you balance it. So we've had to go through a complete upheaval of our It's really mission critical for us to have wombusiness operations to mirror ourselves as a en's preventive services covered, and they did healthcare provider that accepts third-party so with the creation of the Affordable Care Act. insurance, including Medicare. We went from Planned Parenthoods were named as essena cash-only business to a medical reimbursetial community healthcare providers, which ment system similar to other physicians. In means we have to be part of the exchanges order to do that, we've had to expend a lot of that have been created. For the mission of money and resources. Planned Parenthood, having access to contraception without co-pays — basic reproductive Planned Parenthood supporters rally outside the Texas Statehouse in Austin, the scene of numerous fights over women's healthcare in recent years. Photo by scATX via Flickr

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