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NOT A THAI DISH An illustration shows the conceptual design for the State Street garage in downtown Sarasota. Image courtesy City of Sarasota THE CITY COMMISSION SETTLES ON A 'PAD LITE' OPTION FOR THE STATE STREET GARAGE DESIGN By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The Sarasota city commissioners sat down Monday, Oct. 21, to try once again to decide on a final plan for the State Street parking garage. The Friday before the meeting, a new, fifth alternative appeared. And that is the one they picked. The two private contractors hired to create an Urban Design Studio to rewrite the city's zoning code have been receiving other assignments from city staff. One was to create conceptual drawings of floor plans and street views for alternative garage designs. Week after week, the commission skirted a final decision on the look of the structure. Meanwhile, the city's contractual deadline of February 15, 2015, to finish and open the structure kept moving closer and closer. Did It's important to live up to our the commissioners contractual obligations. We'll come in want a simple no-frills parking garage with a close, maybe four or five months late. first floor of retail? Did Shannon Snyder they want to make the Mayor building taller and add City of Sarasota condominiums? Did

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