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Sarasota News Leader October 25, 2013 Page 56 Development of the "pad" could wait or be done at the same time as the parking structure. The "build time" — from decision through permitting to the end of construction — was estimated at 18 to 19 months. Permitting would require some "adjustments and encroachment agreements," according to staff. The "pad lite" plan is a scaled-down version of one of the four original conceptions simply called "the pad." It envisioned a 10-story building, with six or seven levels of parking. It, too, separated the development of the parking City Attorney Bob Fournier listens to comments structure from the "pad site." It would have during a joint City/County commission meeting on Oct. 22. Photo by Norman Schimmel had a minimum of 430 parking spaces if six levels were built. Black suggested he be given a little time to test Commissioner Suzanne Atwell was staunchly the market's waters with the concept. Would anybody want to build a five-story building in favor of the original "pad," but she was outdowntown with only six narrow residences? voted 4-1 Monday in favor of "pad lite." "At the end of the day, it just doesn't seem TAKING OBLIGATIONS SERIOUSLY right — the pad lite — in that location," he City Attorney Bob Fournier weighed in after pointed out. the testimony concluded: "I hope you appreciate my concern the city take its contractual concerns seriously. I hope someone can enter into an agreement with the city with the knowledge the city will fulfill its obligations," he said. "Under the circumstances, I'm not certain there are legally sufficient reasons to take more time." "It was presented on Friday," noted Black during the Monday evening commission meeting. "Will these be sold separately? Who will build them? We would need some study to determine viability." Commissioner Susan Chapman then said, "We need to make a decision." She moved to accept the "pad lite" design, and Commissioner Paul The city's Realtor, Ian Black, was less enthusi- Caragiulo seconded it; the motion passed 4-1, astic about "pad lite." He told the commission, with Atwell in the minority. "As your broker, it is a severe under-utilization Snyder addressed Simon in the audience: of one of our last vacant spaces downtown. "You've done a wonderful job. It's importConstruction and staging are difficult, espe- ant to live up to our contractual obligations. cially building only six [residential] units. I We'll come in close, maybe four or five months late." % think it's a misplaced use in this area."

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