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A few months ago, someone responded quizzically when I mentioned that the County Commission never ceased to provide plenty of fodder for stories. That person pointed to all the issues that appeared to have been settled at the time. Truthfully, I could not have contemplated just how many others would arise. I am sure County Editor Roger Drouin shares that view. Of course, the county is not the only good source of news. I feel sure the "Stan fans," as I refer to the multitude of readers who gobble up Stan Zimmerman's stories every week, would readily admit they have seen no let-up, either. Beyond government, Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker regularly rustles up story ideas no one else has found. The news just does not stop around here. As for this particular week, our issue has a figurative smorgasbord of topics. A city-county conflict, a delicious Downtown Improvement District story Stan has been covering that everyone else seems to have overlooked, negotiations over the future of Little Salt Spring, the outlook for the new interim county administrator and a looming human rights ordinance discussion for the County Commission are just a sample. Fortunately, again, we have a couple of lighter features to balance out all the hard news. A&E Editor Elinor Rogosin offers a delightful survey of the Sarasota Ballet's opening performances, and Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel had some unexpected fun in the courtyard of the Ritz-Carlton. See for yourself! Editor and Publisher

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