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ABOUT THAT MEMO … The 1950s-era Sarasota Police Department was torn down in the spring of 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel AS IT CONSIDERS LONG-RANGE PLANS FOR THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE CENTER AND THE TAX COLLECTOR'S OFFICE IN DOWNTOWN SARASOTA, THE COUNTY COMMISSION DEMANDS ACTION REGARDING A CITY PARCEL By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor It is ours; we want it; so make sure we get it. County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh replied, "The city has not conveyed that parcel to the In short, that was the directive the Sarasota county." County Commission gave interim County Administrator Tom Harmer on Oct. 29 "They're supposed to do that, right?" Barbetta regarding the site of said. "Part of the deal the former Sarasota was that we took that Police Department. We either need to be doing in trade, so technically, that's our parcel When Commissioner something with that piece of property or of land." Joe Barbetta asked put that on the market; one or the other. about the status of the "It should be conJoe Barbetta Ringling Boulevard veyed under the terms Commissioner Sarasota County lot during a facilities of the Memorandum planning workshop, of Understanding

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